BIB Capital Management Group is a consulting and financial services company. Since our inception in 2003, we have offered our clients a wide range of innovative financing solutions through the network of various lending platforms, that allow you to grow your business and capitalize on your vision. We understand that in order for your business to grow successfully–especially during uncertain economic times–you need a financial partner that understands your objectives and has the solutions to help you achieve them. We have substantial expertise in factoring, purchase order financing, hard money and bridge lending and the multi-family loans as well as could obtain asset-based warehouse line of credit for well-qualified borrowers.

Factoring and purchase order financing

In a credit-constrained lending environment, many companies find it impossible to obtain conventional loans for operating and expanding their businesses. if you operate on a good profit margin and have sales, factoring your accounts receivable or purchase order financing could provide quick cash for your business, sometimes in 24 hours time. With factors basing their decision on your clients' credit, your credit history is of less importance. Advances against your accounts receivable are less expensive than equity.

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Hard Money and bridge loans

When it is necessary to capture a profitable business opportunity and conventional banks would not extend a loan or can not close the transaction fast enough, hard money could represent a valuable option. We could help you to obtain hard money for construction and rehabilitation of real estate property, or to effect a quick acquisition of residential or commercial property. Hard money bridge lending is more expensive, but it can sometimes finance an opportunity that might otherwise disappear.

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Asset-Based warehouse Lines of Credit

Alternative financing, such as asset-based lending, is gaining momentum in today's economic environment. Whether your company needs capital for refinancing, restructuring, or a major acquisition, an asset-based lending platform offered by our sources provides you with customized and flexible financing through fully collateralized credit facilities. Asset based lines of credit are for the well established borrower seeking a lending facility greater than $15 million.

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Apartment and mixed-use properties Financing

BIB Capital offers access to the innovative apartment financing for qualified borrowers. Eligible property types include 5+ units residential apartment complexes and mixed use. For loans up to $5M, there is a facilitated program available with a streamlined loan process, reduced paperwork, closing is possible in 45 to 60 days for many projects and the low rates rivaling HUD loans. Larger loans can be accommodated as well. Construction to permanent are available , so please contact us.

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Our growth was outstripping our capital base and we were not going to be able to expand unless we increased the amount of funds we had on hand. We explored the alternative of raising additional capital by selling part of the company and this was not attractive based on the requirements of the supposedly venture capital firms. We decided to go with an accounts receivable factoring option offered by BIB. The price is reasonable of the accommodation was reasonable to consider that we were allowed to grow without having to give up any more equity in the company, and the financing was generally non recourse. More importantly the solution offered by BIB actually gave us a collection function and credit department the we did not have before.–BIB Capital's Client

As sometimes does happen, businesses that are just starting out get orders beyond their capacity to fill. Fortunately for us we found that BIB Capital was able to offer us a solution in purchase order financing. We had an order where the money was supplied to us allowing for the delivery of the goods necessary to complete a very large order. At the time we were able to ship and invoice the order BIB was able to also arrange for a factor to pay off the purchase order finance company. This structure allowed us to maximize the return on an opportunity that we would not normally have had, and gained a new client. The new revenue stream will see our company to the next level of financial success and we could not have achieved this without the financial solution offered by BIB....–BIB Capital's Client

BIB Capital was able to offer us apartment lending rates equal to HUD rates without the time constraint imposed by HUD. We were able to obtain a 5.9% rate with a 10 year term and 25 year amortization. The closing was within 45 days and we did not have all of the problems that would have been encounter with a HUD application. –BIB Capital's Client

BIB Capital was able to help us close quickly on a property we would have not been able to close using a traditional lender. We had our credit impacted by the current economic environment and our normal bank would not even considering lending to us. We had the cash down payment, and were able to close using BIB’s resources and we made a great return on investment because of this. Thanks!–BIB Capital's Client